Feline Nutrition Book

Lynn’s love for cats inspired her to write a much needed book about feline nutrition. Many commercial cat foods are not complete and balanced as one would mistakenly believe. Commercial foods meet only minimum and maximum requirements that convey only minimum health benefits with minimum lifespan.

Lynn’s experience with her own cats and their challenges both physically and medically pushed her to seek out information about nutrition and optimal health.

Many feline diseases such as diabetes, obesity, urinary tract disorders, chronic renal disease, and irritable bowel syndrome can be directly attributed to low moisture, low-meat-protein, and high-carbohydrate levels that plague many of today’s commercially produced cat foods.

Many cats survive on these dry, supplemented, plant-based diets but they do not thrive.

This book discusses feline anatomy and physiology (explaining how a cat’s body metabolizes nutrients) coupled with interpreting pet food labels which will help you make healthy selections whether choosing to purchase commercial foods or making a home-prepared raw food to feed your cat.

Much of this information is listed on this website. However, if you would like a printed copy of these Topics plus more information about feline physiology, vitamin and mineral needs, fatty acid requirements, FDA and AAFCO regulations and guidelines, and carbohydrate (glucose) conversion in the cat, please consider purchasing a copy of the book.

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